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New Revolutionary Approach to
Healing Emotional Distress
(anger, guilt, depression, anxiety, shame)
through Powerful Transformational and Energetic Forgiveness Techniques

Are you feeling a lot of frustration, sadness, fear, anger, hurt, or guilt and don't know how to get rid of it?

Are you holding onto grudges,  grievances and attack thoughts?

Are you bitter, resentful or discouraged from what other people did or said?

Are you feeling exhausted from emotional turmoil or relationship problems?

In the Forgiveness Solution you will learn:

How to experience more peace, love and joy in your personal and work life.

How to release emotional distress, resentment, hurt, pain and guilt.

How to forgive yourself and others once and for all.

How to heal relationship problems that trigger emotional upsets.


"In the Forgiveness Solution, Dr. Friedman shows readers precisely how they can accomplish genuine release from the immobilizing or imprisoning feelings that come with holding onto dark feelings. He takes a multi-dimensional, integrative approach to forgiveness, drawing from cognitive, behavioral therapy, body centered therapies, psycho-spiritual therapy, attitudinal healing, and energy work among others. Through working through their “attack thoughts”, grievances, judgments and shoulds, readers should be able to 1) give up the desire for retribution 2) discover that hurtful experiences were also learning experiences and 3) experience deep peace, happiness and an awakened sense of creativity and resourcefulness."
(Caroline Pincus, Executive Editor-Red Wheel Weiser/Conari Press)



The Forgiveness Solution is a wonderful, passionate, healing book that is easy to read,  practical, integrative and powerful. Readers will not only learn how to forgive themselves and others but also to develop a forgiving personality and reconnect with the inner goodness and light within themselves and each other.
(Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author of "Forgiveness: the Greatest Healer There Is" and co-author of "A Mini Course for Life")

Dr. Philip Friedman writes with authority about forgiveness.  His book The Forgiveness Solution is a comprehensive and powerful book that teaches hurt people to recover their center and let go of painful wounds and grievances.   The book  is well written and carefully researched.  
(Fred Luskin, Ph.D Director Stanford Forgiveness Projects.  Author Forgive for Good).

"There is no doubt that the #1 solution to so many of our personal, political and social problems today is forgiveness. However, any form of forgiveness that lacks a practical approach is virtually useless. In this book Dr. Friedman offers a wealth of forgiveness techniques and processes that skillfully blends science, spirituality and clinical practice into a seamless garment of love, peace, strength and resilience."
(Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness: A 5-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let go of Anger and Blame; Find Peace in Any Situation.)

"If you were to have one book on the all-important subject of  forgiveness, this is the one. In an easy-to-read style, The Forgiveness Solution deftly compiles research with excercises, case studies with concise insights. It's really a clear handbook on how to forgive, written for lay person and professional alike. It also uses some of Dr.Friedman's own powerful techniques for dealing with forgiveness. To have a great life, you need to know how to forgive. This book really maps out what you need in a fascinating and comprehensive way."
(Dr. Phillip Mountrose, co-author of The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond and Co-Director Awakenings Institute)

"The Forgiveness Solution is the most practical book I've ever read on forgiveness. From beginning to end, it focuses on giving you a direct experience of forgiveness and helps you to incorporate this way of being into every facet of your life. If you do the exercises in this book, I know your life will be changed forever."
(DavidPaul Doyle, co-author of The Voice for Love: Accessing Your Inner Voice to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose.)

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