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How We Work:
From a Forgiveness Solution and Creating Well-Being Perspective

We Empower You to Make Constructive, Positive Changes in Your Attitudes, Expectations, Energy, Relationships, Intuition, Behavior and Relationship Patterns.

We work to help you attract more positive experiences, people and circumstances in your life.

Since 1969 I've been helping clients, customers, students and professionals enhance their peace, love, joy, happiness, resiliency, self-esteem, life satisfaction and ability to cope successfuly with life’s numerous challenges and life transitions. I have also helped them develop new skills, abilities and talents to pursue their life dreams and career aspirations.

During this time I have discovered that one of the most important things people can learn is how to forgive themselves, others, circumstances and sometimes even God. In the process people re-connect to the inner core of light, love and strength within them. They discover that every communication is either a call for love (coming from fear) or a communication of love. They learn to let go of grievances, judgements, attacks thoughts, grudges and limiting beliefs. They learn to re-empower themselves to make these positive changes, heal, grow and strive.

Some of the Powerful Tools and Techniques I Teach Include:

  1. Self-assessment Scales
  2. Journaling: in a New More Positive Way
  3. Affirmations: Light Filled and Empowering
  4. Afformations: Start with the Goal Reached First
  5. The Psychological Uplifter: Part of the Positive Pressure Point Techniques (PPPT) and Powerful on its Own.
  6. Positive Pressure Point Techniques (PPPT): An Enhancement of the Popular Emotional Freedom Techniques and Energy Therapy Techniques. 8 Powerful Levels Click Here
  7. Guided Imagery: From a Light-Filled Forgiveness Perspective
  8. Gratitude: The Complement to Forgiveness to Enhance Well-Being
  9. Cognitive, Cognitive-Behavioral and Multi-Modal Techniques
  10. Role-Playing: Learning to Take the Other Side
  11. Letter Writing and Re-Writing: Using Certain Guidelines
  12. Hypnosis, Relaxation and Self-Soothing Techniques

In addition I teach Communication Skills and Principles for Making Relationships Work.

For many more Techniques and Exercises go to my Integrative Healing website page on Techniques: Click here.

Old Ego-Based Paradigm








Darkness (Absence)

New Self/Truth/Being Based Paradigm

Oneness / Unity








The Forgiveness Solution and Creating Well-Being Products and Tools - We offer products and programs on this and the Integrative Healing web site designed to help you. Information on all these tools can be found at this link.

Next you might want to know a little about me, Philip H. Friedman, Ph.D and my background and experience. Go Here to Find Out. Or read some of the Success Stories of our clients and customers.

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