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The Forgiveness Solution

Are you feeling a lot of frustration, sadness, fear, anger, hurt, or guilt and don't know how to get rid of it?
Are you holding onto grudges, grievances and attack thoughts?
Are you bitter, resentful or discouraged from what other people did or said?
Are you feeling exhausted from emotional turmoil or relationship problems?
In the Forgiveness Solution you will learn:
How to experience more peace, love and joy in your personal and work life.
How to release emotional distress, resentment, hurt, pain and guilt.
How to forgive yourself and others once and for all.
How to heal relationship problems that trigger emotional upsets.

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About the Forgiveness Solution Audios

Welcome to these audios that will dramatically change your ability to forgive yourself and other people and find much greater happiness, peace, love and joy in your life.  As the author of 2 books Creating Well-Being (1989) and the Forgiveness Solution (2010) I have helped thousands of people transform the quality of their life and these audios are a significant part of that transformation. When you learn to forgive using these audios you will release months or even years of emotional baggage (anger, hurt, pain, guilt, resentment, bitterness, betrayal, sadness, fears) that you have been carrying around with you.  This will open up new perceptions, perspectives, empowerment and opportunities for you; and help you heal your relationships.

Many of the Benefits of the Forgiveness Solution audios.  

1. You will increase your happiness, peace, joy and love

2. You will let go of anger, hurt, guilt, sadness, betrayal and shame

3. You will increase your self-worth and self-esteem

4. You will increase your ability to focus and concentrate

5. You will be more grateful and appreciative

6. You will be much less judgmental and more accepting

7. You will be kinder and more compassionate to yourself and others

8. You will heal relationships with spouses, partners, children, parents and other family members

9. You will heal relationships at work including bosses, employers, employees and colleagues.

10. You will be more connected with a higher/inner power, teacher, counselor or guide.

The "KEY" to Forgiveness Solution Guided Imagery
CD 1 © Philip. H. Friedman, Ph.D, 2011
Total of 57 minutes for 5 Powerful Healing Exercises

1. Relaxation and the Inner Sanctuary  You will easily relax with this breathing and guided imagery exercise that takes you into your inner sanctuary. You will feel a deep sense of inner peace.

2. Imagery of Seeds and Weeds:   You will learn to plant forgiveness seeds in your subconscious mind that begin to grow over time, even while you are unaware of it. 

3. Opening the Way for Change:  You will learn some powerful ways to open the way for change in forgiving yourself and others.  

4. Creating Well-Being Forgiveness Imagery   You will learn how to forgive others, how to ask for forgiveness from another person and how to forgive yourself. You will begin to experience a deeper sense of inner peace and a more profound love toward people.

5. Light Imagery Grateful Heart Technique (LIGHT)  You will experience gratitude for the positive experiences in your life, contact a compassionate inner teacher and learn how to forgive more easily.

Order Now: CD Introductory Price $24.95 includes S&H ($29.95 Value)

Order Now: MP3 Download Introductory Price $19.95 ($25 Value)


The "KEY" to Forgiveness Solution Guided Imagery 
CD 2 © Philip. H. Friedman, Ph.D, 2011
Total of 53 minutes for 5 More Powerful Healing Exercises

1. White Light Self-Forgiveness Process You will make contact with a white healing, radiant light that will help you experience the energy of compassion, forgiveness and love, especially love for your self.

2. Healing And Release Technique (HEART) You will learn to fill up a visualized garbage can with emotional garbage and unforgiveness and then release it with the help of a helium ballon; and then use white light to heal even further.

3. Violet Transmuting Flame Imagery You will use the energy of a violent flame to release dark, negative energy and experience much more compassion, forgiveness and kindness for yourself and others.

4. Giving and Receiving Forgiveness and Miracles You will connect with an inner treasure within you that will open the door to a more loving heart; which in turn will help you forgive yourself and especially others and learn that giving and receiving miracles and forgiveness are one.

5. Fountain of Forgiveness and Love You will release up to 3 people from the inner prison of unforgiveness and negative feelings you have held them in and also free yourself from negative feelings toward yourself as a child, adolescent and young adult.

Order Now: CD Introductory Price $24.95 includes S&H ($29.95 Value)

Order Now: MP3 Download Introductory Price $19.95 ($25 Value)


The "KEY" to Forgiveness Solution Guided Imagery
CD 3 © Philip. H. Friedman, Ph.D, 2011
Total of 55 minutes for 4 More Powerful Healing Exercises

1. Transformational Forgiveness You will learn an an advanced spiritual perspective on forgiveness that could itself dramatically transform the quality of your life and reconnect you with a deeper, higher and more loving inner Self.

2. Cutting the Energetic Cord You will learn that there are invisible energy cords (at least to most people) that connect you to all people. You will cut unhealthy energy cords that bind you and in the process help you to forgive others and yourself.

3. Gift of Forgiveness Imagery Exercise You will enter a "forgiveness room" and with the help of angels of light and an inner counselor/higher power you will learn how to forgive, heal and love.

4. Circle of Love Forgiveness Process You will learn that we are all interconnected at a deep level and share the same divine loving Self, though expressed in different and unique ways. Then you will learn to forgive by connecting with a profound spiritual center that guides you, directs you, protects you and loves you unconditionally.

Order Now: CD Introductory Price $24.95 includes S&H ($29.95 Value)

Order Now: MP3 Download Introductory Price $19.95 ($25 Value)


Introductory Price Special Offer.

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