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On this Page You Will Find Various Success Stories Written by the Clients Themselves and Graphs of Change.

Graphs Showing Changes in Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Forgiveness, Unforgiveness and Well-Being: See Them Here

The Stories Are:

Success Story: Jane's Story of Releasing Sadness, Anger, Self-Doubt and Anxiety from Being Raped.

Success Story: Charlene's Story of Releasing Depression, Anger, Resentment, Hurt and Low Self-Esteem from Family, Sibling Conflicts.

Success Story: Hiraldo's Story of Releasing Frustration, Loneliness, Depression, Guilt, and Being Withdrawn Following Divorce.

Success Story: April's Story of Releasing Depression, Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Disappointment and Being Emotionally Withdrawn Following 2 Sudden Deaths.

Success Story: Ted's Story of No More Fear, Pain, Guilt, Grief or Anger from Trauma.


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