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Who Does the
Forgiveness Solution Website
and Creating Well-Being Serve?

We offer products and services for clients, customers, students and professionals who are committed to solving their emotional, relationship, energetic and spiritual problems or enhancing their ability to help others resolve their problems and especially to do so through the power of forgiveness and energy healing.

Most Forgiveness Solution and Creating Well-Being Clients, Customers, Students and Professionals are open to cutting edge approaches to solving problems, growing, transforming, changing and evolving. They want to dramatically improve the quality of their life, enhance their well-being, improve their life satisfaction, reduce stress and learn new skills, attitudes, energetic and relationship patterns. In addition, many want to develop a new relationship to a spiritual force or power. What they donít have is the knowledge and ability to do that by themselves or even, up to now, with the help of good self-help books.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your circumstances?

You are stressed out a lot. You do not seem to be in control of your emotions and one or more of your relationships are getting worse.

You are feeling a lot of hurt, anger, resentment or bitterness toward your spouse, ex-spouse, child, boss, in-laws, employees, parents or siblings and you are feeling increasingly discouraged.

You are feeling grief over the death or loss of a parent, child, friend, spouse etc, and the feelings of confusion, helplessness, powerlessness and negative emotions are not going away. In fact they are spilling over into your other relationships or your work.

You are feeling pessimistic about your future and sometimes feel hopeless that things will ever change. You are down on your self a lot and often take it out on the ones you are closest to.

You had an abortion some years ago but now feel guilty about it or you were raped or molested some or many years ago and feel resentment, loneliness, isolation, guilt, hurt and pain. You know at some level these emotions are impacting your current relationships or making it impossible to develop one.

You are having serious marital problems. You and your spouse argue more and more often. Sometimes it gets very intense and is very discouraging. You didnít think things would turn out this way and certainly didnít expect the level of animosity and often rejection and hurt you are receiving from your spouse. Sometimes you even think of leaving or having an affair.

You know you are drinking too much or too often to deal with the job and relationship stressors in your life. You have become very critical of yourself. Your self-esteem is dropping quickly though it was never high. Sometimes you even experiment with illegal drugs, overeat, smoke too much or use pain killers excessively to deal with your stress.

If one or more of these situations is accurate for you, please read further. You have come to the right web site. There is hope and help for you here. It is possible to change and make positive changes in your life. Nothing is impossible.

Our clients fall into one of the following categories:

Clients, Customers, Consultants, Coaches and Therapists

Who is most likely to benefit from The Forgiveness Solution Creating Well-Being and Integrative Healing Approach

My Clients and Customers typically share many of the following characteristics.

  1. Depressed, anxious, fearful, dis-stressed
  2. Low or shaky self-esteem, mood swings
  3. Ashamed, embarassed, guilty feelings
  4. Confused, perplexed, lacking meaning/direction
  5. Lonely, isolated, bored, or identity problems
  6. Relationship marital, separation/divorce problems
  7. Life transition problems
  8. Career or work related problems
  9. Alcohol or sometimes drug problems
  10. Overall forgiveness related problems
  11. Low levels of life satisfaction, happiness and well-being
  12. Pessimistic, ungrateful and hopeless in various degrees

My Trainees: Coaches, Consultants and Therapists, typically share many of the following characteristics.

  1. Searching for the latest tools and techniques to help their clients and customers.
  2. Eager to learn energetic and transformational approaches to change and healing.
  3. Wanting to enhance their own personal and spiritual growth and well-being.
  4. Attracted to like minded colleagues interested in going beyond traditional approaches to healing and change
  5. Wanting to help themselves or others forgive more effectively and at deeper and deeper levels.

If you fit the profile above you will very likely benefit from one of our services.

Learn how The Forgiveness Solution and Creating Well-Being works to help you resolve your problems; go to How We Work or some of the Success Stories of our clients and customers or go to The Forgiveness Solution book page.

or CALL DR. FRIEDMAN at 610-828-4674

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